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We ONLY deal with Small Businesses.

We are SMALL enough to CARE but LARGE enough to COPE


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We are small enough to care, and large enough to cope. 

For over a quarter of a century, we have been partnering exclusively with small businesses to help them embrace and adopt digital transformation. If you need an IT department but find that you do not have the finances to sustain one, an outsourced IT company is your next best choice. offer a consumption-based support model for a fixed monthly fee that has the potential to unlock significant savings. We work with the key stakeholders of the business to deliver IT strategy and leadership. is trusted by hundreds of small businesses to provide better, more timely and effective support that makes for happier users, a more strategically empowered in-house IT function and a better performing business.

With the current economic climate looking particularly unstable, small businesses are looking to cut costs to protect themselves from the uncertainty ahead. What many small business owners do not realise is that there are a few simple actions that can be undertaken to identify monthly savings. We can help you unlock those savings by mothballing assets that are not in service, auditing your Microsoft 365 billing, and migrating your support to a consumption-based model.  

5 Tell Tale Signs That it is Time to Ditch Your IT Support Company

In many small businesses, IT Support is a tricky area. It’s complex, costly, and impossible to ignore. It needs continual vigilance and good oversight to make sure it functions well. It’s challenging for an IT consultant (one man band) to look after a growing small business. Here are five tell-tale signs it’s time to change tack.

  • Unresolved IT issues building up
  • Failure to prioritise and/or respond in a timely fashion
  • Outdated technology
  • Complacency and poor attention to detail
  • Strategic planning for IT development is poor or non-existent

Don’t suffer poor service, here at we won’t drop the ball.

IT Support

All our clients are of similar size and profile. We primarily deal with privately owned businesses and non-profits. As we have a diverse spread of sectors we are insulated from market forces. We have a proven and demonstrable track record of success spanning 25 years – so rest assured, we are strong and stable.

Microsoft 365 Business

The Microsoft 365 Business Premium Plan includes everything that we need to manage your cloud journey.

Our team has cherry-picked the apps and services that we feel ideally suit small businesses. We have developed a proven 4 stage process to take our client’s IT systems to the cloud.

Managed Services

Our proactive team will deliver the IT leadership and strategy that many small businesses lack.

Our dedicated account management team will meet your key stakeholders regularly to map out your IT pathway. We also manage your IT subscriptions and take care of your budgeting. It’s like having your own in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost.


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