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Microsoft Teams Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice makes it easy for small and medium organizations to turn Microsoft Teams into a powerful and flexible telephone system. It’s a replacement for traditional telephony providers and in-house phone systems that can be difficult and costly to manage. You can set up DDIs, call menus to help callers get to the right department, audio conferencing so you can host meetings with anyone, and more. You can even give people their own phone numbers so they can get calls directly. Business Voice does all of this by wrapping Microsoft 365 Phone System features into an easy-to-manage bundle. You don’t need to worry about choosing the right plan or feature; they’re all there and set up for you. Because Phone System is a part of Teams, you can turn any PC, Mac, or mobile device into a phone that can use your Business Voice phone number.

Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an online customer scheduling tool. If you operate an appointment-based business or service, Bookings is a simply tool to provide you and your staff insight to daily appointments. It features customisable email and text reminders for both your staff and customers, ability to embed your Bookings page to your website or social media pages to enable your customers to schedule appointments. Other features include appointment rescheduling, cancellations, real-time staff availability, and and Google calendar integrations.

Microsoft Delve

Microsoft Delve is a graphical tool to deliver personalised content to you from across your Microsoft 365 environment. Content can include recent documents you worked on, documents and email attachments recently edited or sent by your staff, and other content you have permission to see. This is a wonderful place to see what you and your staff are working on. You can easily open any the files on your Delve dashboard without the need to access them individually through OneDrive, a SharePoint site, or any other area in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a web-based application that allows you to create forms to collect data and feedback from users. Surveys, questionnaires, and polls are some of the common any create with Microsoft Forms. It’s often employed by educational institutions. Because the data collected can be summarized and viewed in real-time. Additional, results can be exported into Excel or a database application to analyze the data further. It’s simplistic interface to design and share forms makes this online survey creator a tool easy to learn and use by many.

Microsoft MyAnalytics

Formerly Delve Analytics, Microsoft MyAnalytics is a tool to help you gain personal insight on how you spend your time at work. You receive regular emails that provide you with a summary of your time spent collaborating, who you are spending your time with, along with time spent on chatting, emailing, and doing your job.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a feature-rich note-taking application. You can think of OneNote as a digital version of the spiral notebooks with divider tabs you used when you were in school. OneNote keeps your notes, plans, and thoughts all in one place. You create sections, pages, and sub-pages just like a tradition paper notebook and use color codes to organize your notes. As a result, you can easily type or hand write notes, record voice notes, embed links, images, along with audio and video clips. Easily share your notebook with others or use it as your own personal information management tool. Besides supporting Windows computers, OneNote mobile app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a task management application for you and your teams. Each team member can create, share, and work on tasks together. Also, you’ll be able to track who’s responsible for the task, when it’s due, and post updates. View your tasks in ‘buckets’, in a calendar grid, or through graphs and charts to track and measure progress. This web-based application is an essential tool to help you not only supervise but also manage projects. Further, with this tool you can engage with your team and to ensure everyone has full visibility to the tasks and what is expected of them.

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a collection of tools to help you build customized web-based and mobile apps to meet your business needs. Its biggest benefits are automation and workflow. Moreover, these enable businesses to improve productivity and processes, streamline tasks, and minimize the use of paper. Unlike the automation feature of Microsoft SharePoint, Power Apps easy-to-use graphic interface enables beginners to develop apps with minimal code writing. Power Apps can integrate with your existing data from a variety of sources to help you quickly take advantage of the efficiencies it can deliver. If you are not using Power Apps in your organization, you are missing an amazing number of benefits.

Microsoft Power Automate

Formerly Flow, Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based tool to help organizations develop workflows to automate tasks and processes. Apart from being useful tool, it also helps to bring automation to repetitive tasks. Tasks such as approval workflows, data collecting, or synchronise files between applications can benefit with Power Automate. Other uses include saving email attachments to your OneDrive automatically, set up template flow to quickly respond to a post on your social media, and approval flow for time-off requests.

Microsoft Publisher

This is a desktop publishing software that enables you to create professional looking materials like letterheads, business cards, brochures, multi-column newsletters, multi-page manuals, calendars, labels, wide banners, oversized posters, greeting cards, and more. You can start off using a pre-designed template or a blank canvas in order to create your own design to match your corporate colors. What’s more, it is a versatile and easy-to-use program. For this reason, you do not need to be graphics designer to create stunning professional-looking documents with Microsoft Publisher.

Microsoft Stream

Firstly, Microsoft Stream is an application that enables you to upload, organize, and share video content across your enterprise. It’s a secure video streaming service to share presentations, and training videos to share and collaborate with your team. Also, users can view your videos from desktop computers to mobile devices easily from work or at home.

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is an application that enables you to easily create and share visually stunning and interactive documents such as newsletters, brochures, memories, and presentations. It supports photos, videos, and includes pre-built design templates you can select from to create high-impact presentations. Sway will automatically adjust your presentation to fit the screen of the device, whether it is a notebook, tablet, or mobile phone.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is an application to help you organize your personal tasks. It’s your digital planner to help you manage your tasks. In other words, Microsoft To Do is integrated with Outlook Tasks, making it easy to manage all your tasks in one place.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is an application that allows you to free form ideas on a digital canvas. With built-in collaboration features, you and your team can work together. Whether in the same room or from multiple remote locations. Sketch ideas using your mouse or with a stylus if you have a touch-screen device. As a result of being a cloud-based application, you’ll have access to your boards from multiple devices, share them, or include them in websites.